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The G1 Leadership Team

Ed Gough CEO G1 Staffing Arkansas Oklahoma

Ed is a retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, a veteran of Granada, Panama, and Desert Storm/Shield. He has 18 years’ experience in the staffing industry, with the bulk being either as Sales Representative, Branch Manager, Regional Operations Manager, multi-branch executive or as an owner.  

Ed Gough

Chief Executive Officer
Shelly Gough CFO

Chief Financial Officer

An Arkansas native, Shelly has over 25 years in accounting.  She started in the staffing industry in 2010, venturing out to be a business development specialist for Hancock Staffing for 6 years.

Shelly Gough

Jeffrey Fulmer, Executive Vice President

Jeffrey Fulmer

Executive Vice President

Born and raised in North Little Rock, AR, Jeff spent his childhood and teenage years exploring and loving the streets of the area now known as Argenta. After Jeff graduated from Catholic High, he immediately began developing excellent interpersonal skills with countless years’ experience in the customer service industry. As the Vice President of G1 Staffing, Jeff strives each day to create and maintain strong relationships with the members of his community by creating employment opportunities as well recruiting the best people to meet the needs of your company. One key to Jeff’s success in the staffing industry is his willingness and dedication to listen to his customers. Jeff does not hesitate to contribute to the day-to-day operations of G1 Staffing, including speaking to customers on a daily basis to understand how to best serve them.

Betty Austin

Betty Austin

Branch Manager / Oklahoma City, OK

Prior to staffing she worked as social worker for the state of Oklahoma for 7 years. With a social workers soul and an intention for helping others. She has been in the staffing industry since Hancock Staffing in 2011 in the Oklahoma City Area as the Assistant Manager.  In 2016, she became the Operations Manager for Command Center. The reason she stays in this industry is simple-the people. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Relations (MHR) The fact that the staffing industry is trifold makes her feel that every day we can meet the needs of all involved - the worker, the client, and G1 Staffing - "the biggest accomplishment a person can give is themselves to others."

Nicole Coleman, Branch Manager of North Little Rock, Arkansas

Nicole Coleman

Branch Manager / North Little Rock, AR

The G1 Staffing Team in Arkansas

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